CareerLabs Aspire Higher Scholars Program

Are you considering studying abroad in Fall 2022 (Sep 2022)? 
Do you want to get into the Top 3 Universities in your field of study?
 Then CareerLabs Aspire Higher Scholars Program is just for you! 

CareerLabs Aspire Higher Scholars Program is designed for promising pre-final and final year undergraduate students who wish to seek higher education abroad in the Top 10  Universities in the world in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, European Union, Australia, Singapore, etc., to name a few

Getting into a Top 10 graduate school program needs a lot of preparation. Through this, specially designed program and scholarship selected students can get professional guidance from an Admissions Consultant towards a successful application to Graduate Schools and B-Schools at heavily discounted rates (anywhere between 60 %  to 100% savings). Top 10 eligible students will also be given the service completely free along with full aid on the documentation process for one school application. 

Why should you opt for this?

Have you started thinking about how you will prepare for your Graduate School/ B- School application?

If you are from an elite university with a great academic track record and the right relevant experience, it is almost a given that you will get an admit to a graduate school to probably any of the universities with a rank of 40 or above. Also, there is a 100% probability that a senior of yours is studying abroad in an elite highly selective university. But to get to a Top 30 university in the world, you need to be exceptional. So your strategy for applying which might be to consult that senior for their anecdotal guidance and or worse,  to recycle their application materials will not work. What worked for your seniors or friends or family will not work for you.

Also, sadly, few realize that the Graduate School application process is in itself designed to help you prepare for the rigor of graduate school and for you to be aware of what is needed to succeed in Grad School. In the top 30 universities, all applicants will satisfy most of the quantitative criteria. Hence if you so wish to differentiate yourself, you need to make those essays stand out. Also given that acceptance rates are so low in these universities, a lot of emphasis needs to be placed on your application documents.

If you’re planning to apply at a top-ranked university anywhere in the world, you’ll not only need a good academic background, but also a strong application that requires a CV and SoP, among others. At CareerLabs, we have a proven track record of ethical admissions consulting through a systematic and personalized approach- having helped our clients to programs in every top university in the world.

So put your best foot forward by signing up for the Aspire Higher Scholars Program. In 6 months, with guidance from a team of  Admissions Consulting experts who have been helping thousands get into programs of their choice abroad, we will equip you with the toolkit needed to help you craft your best graduate school application. With live guided workshops and interactive sessions easily accessible from a course, learn the art of expressing yourselves and writing for gaining success in graduate school. 

Our aim is not just to get you an admit, especially to the Harvards and MITs of the world, but to help you with a scholarship and set you up for success beyond. Our aim is not just to get you an admit, especially to the Harvards and MITs of the world, but to help you with a scholarship and set you up for success beyond. 

What do you get?

The CareerLabs Aspire Higher Scholars Program is a six-month program designed to guide applicants towards a well-planned preparation for their applications and plan to achieve admits in top schools of your choice- be it an MS program, techno-managerial programs such as MEM, or even MiM at B-Schools.

Here’s what you can expect:

1. Full access to the course,The Guide to Graduate School Applicationsor The Guide to B School Applications that has 20+ hours of live sessions.
2. A Live Guided CV Bootcamp and one  personalized CV critiquing session with an expert
3. A Live SoP Drafting Workshop along with one personalized SoP review from an expert.
4. Access to 3 Live Group Sessions with the Admissions Consultant for clearing specific doubts related to the profile (April, June, August).
5. Access to complimentary Post-Admit Services like Mock Visa Interviews, Access to Admit Selector, and Scholarship Guidance! (Feb 2022)

Eligibility Criteria:

All applicants to the CareerLabs Aspire Higher Scholars Program must satisfy the following criteria. 

1. Be enrolled in an undergraduate program in India (or outside) under an accredited university.
2. You should be in your final or pre-final year of undergraduate studies.
3. You must have a minimum GPA of at least 3.5/ 4.0, a 75% or higher or, a minimum CGPA of 8.0 /10.0 with no history of backlogs/ arrears. For exceptional applicants, we might consider relaxing the cut-off for GPA as, like graduate schools, we employ a holistic evaluation process as well.
4. You should be able to produce any original documents required (Marks Card, semester transcripts for verification)

To apply please click the button below.
Though not mandatory, uploading your CV and latest mark sheet will be to your advantage. This application form contains questions about your academic record, research/industrial experience, technical skills and extra-curricular activities. There is a small writing assessment that might take you 10-15 minutes

Selection Process:

Because this is a selective program, we will be screening for applicants based on the following key criteria.

1. Academic track record
2. Research / Industrial Experience
2. Technical Skills
3. Extra-curricular activities
4. Writing skills* (*You will be required to provide short writing samples as a part of your application)

Your profile will be assessed by our team of experts based on a weightage assigned to each criterion and through a holistic lens.
Once selected, you will be notified about the details and you can sign up to be part of the Fall 2022 CareerLabs Aspire Higher Scholars Program. From there, it’s an intense journey of preparation and profile building until the time Grad Schools start the application process!


If you wish for full-fledged guidance, you might be interested in our other products as well. With the program, we have few added services for a nominal amount