BYJU’S GMAT Serviced By CareerLabs | 6 Months Tablet

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Snapshot Of The Product:

  1. 150 hours of pre-recorded content that covers all the strategies to solve GMAT Questions. 
  2. 3500 practice questions that span across topics and difficulty levels. 
  3. An exclusive Diagnostic Tool kit that will help you with the analysis of your responses. 
  4. Student Portal with exclusive content for Integrated Reasoning. 
  5. 5 full length Mock Tests. 
  6. Over 60 hours of live webinars over a span of one month. 
  7. Rolling batch for the live webinars. Same topics are covered every month. Student can start any time and end at any time during the course validity
  8. 8.Centralised support over emails and calls to ensure that your doubts are clarified as soon as you have them.
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Given the powerful test that is, the GMAT is not a test that is knowledge based. It is a test that requires the acumen to manage time and knowledge simultaneously to get the best results. We, at CareerLabs in partnership with BYJU’S, help you demystify the GMAT like nobody else can.

Product Specifications 

Here is what you get if you enroll for the BYJU’S GMAT Course, powered by CareerLabs.

  1. A smart adaptive learning platform, that will customize the comprehensive content on the tab, because we know that every aspirant is different. 
  1. 100 hours of pre-recorded GMAT Verbal content with mathematical approaches to solve Verbal questions taught by Mr. PN Santosh, who is a 780 scorer on the GMAT and is an ISB Alum, because we know that the majority of Indian aspirants have a problem cracking the Verbal section of the test. 
  1. 50 hours of pre-recorded GMAT Quant content taught by Mr. Amith Ravindra, a 338 scorer on the GRE and 100 percentiler on the CAT. 
  1. An Exclusive Diagnostic ToolkitTM that just doesn’t tell you where you went wrong but also tells you what to do to correct those errors. All this real-time!
  1. 3500+ questions with video solutions and in-depth statistics, tailor-made to improve your score. 
  1. Online access to Five full-length Computer Adaptive Mock Exams that can simulate the actual GMAT Experience. 
  1. All the Official Guide Questions, solved and explained using our techniques. 
  1. Access to Student Portal, with exclusive IR content.
  2. In addition to the amazing content out there, you will also get access to our Intensive GMAT Live Webinars, the salient features of which are given below.
    • These webinars cover all the strategies that are required to ace the GMAT test.
    • These are delivered on our exclusive webinar portal, making preparation on the go easy and accessible – All you will need is a laptop or an android device.
    • Live Interaction with our expert academicians – Get your doubts clarified on the spot.
    • 22 intensive topics covered in sessions that range across 2.5 hours each, spread strategically over a span of 4 weeks.
    • Webinar sessions that can be repeated or re-attended in case you want to master the topic or if you have missed a particular webinar.
  3. Centralized support over emails and calls to ensure that your doubts are clarified as soon as you have them.