Admissions Consulting Services | 3 B-Schools

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Snapshot of the Service

  1. Profile Gap Analysis, which compares your profile to the requirement of the program that you are applying to and tells you what you need to get there. 
  2. Reviews and Feedback for your Resume that will help you build a CV that highlights your profile that’s accepted for a Grad-School Application.  
  3. Guidance for Grad-School Selection, wherein you will be able to get a list of schools specially selected based on your profile and requirements. 
  4. Profile Mentoring Sessions that follow up on your progress. 
  5. Periodic Strategy Sessions on various topics that will give all crucial information required for the process.  
  6. Guidance for Recommenders so that you can pick the right recommenders and get the best recommendation letters from them.  
  7. Reviews of your Essays and SOPs that constitute a major portion of your application documents.
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Getting into a top university abroad needs a lot more than just an entrance test. Also, applying to the right school is very important because the fitment of the candidate with the right program is very important for achieving your career objectives. Hence choose our Admissions Consulting Services to help you out. 

Service Specifications:

Here are the services you get entitled for, when you enroll yourself for Admissions Consulting Services at CareerLabs. 

  1. A detailed analysis of your profile and its fitment match to the programs and the universities that you want to enroll to.
  2. Access to a team of experts with experience helping with hundreds of students with their applications to top graduate programs.
  1. A Profile Gap Analysis Session where we analyse your current profile and suggest points of improvement to match it to the requirements of an ideal application to the University and the program of your choice, thereby finding out the different activities that need to be done to get into the program.
  1. A Comprehensive Profile Gap Analysis Report that outlines the various activities that need to be done to build your profile holistically so that you can get closer to your dream Master’s Program abroad.
  1. Quarterly Profile Mentoring Sessions  to check on your progress with the activities mentioned in the Profile Gap Analysis Report.
  1. Reviews of your CV to match the activities undertaken as per the Profile Gap Analysis Report.
  2. Reviews on your Graduate School Application Documents such as the Statement of Purpose (SOP) and the Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for the number of schools that are applicable as per the package that you have enrolled for.
  1. Post Admit Services pertaining to Post-Admit Strategy and VISA Interview Preparation, that shall be provided based on eligibility and subject to the services availed by you. 


Points to Note

  1. For Clients who sign up for ‘B School Admissions Consulting Services’, the request for refund should be placed within 24 (Twenty Four) hours after the first onboarding call. The amount to be refunded will be based on services provided till date. After the said 24 (Twenty Four) hour period, there shall be no refund under any circumstances. Also, even if no services have been availed, no refund will be provided after 30 (thirty) days of engaging our services.
  2. As our Clients are spread across various locations, we make extensive use of email to ensure effective communication, continuity in conversation and for recording purposes. For prompt responses, do e-email and we will correspond with you via the Email ID / Phone Number that you used to register with us at the time of payment. It is your responsibility to update us by email in case of a change in the email ID or phone number.
  3. For the sessions with mentors/consultants, our team will schedule calls for you at a mutually convenient time. For a scheduled call, both parties will confirm availability at least 1 (one) hour prior to the scheduled time.
  1. The services will be valid until January 31st of the next year from which the student enrols. This means that if a student enrols in 2019, then the services for the student shall be valid until January 31st 2020. All the documentation should be complete before this irrespective of the deadlines of the school.

Admissions Consulting Services for 3 B Schools: 

The documentation and the editing will be for 3 schools that the student wants to apply to. This process is for Managerial Programs only.