Profile Builder Lite

Profile Builder Lite.

The Profile Builder Platform is augmented with a recommendation engine that automatically guides the students in their personalized profile building journey by suggesting the top career choices in line with their strengths and aspirations. It provides a personalized skill map for the students to enhance their employability index by allowing them access to the exploratory courses aligning with their top career tracks. It provides holistic preparation to help the students with aptitude, soft skills and technical skills to enable their journey into the dream companies; along with industry exposure through webinars.

All our students undergo a 5 step profile building process, if they enrol for this program.

Step 1: The students go through psychometric, behavioural, cognitive, technical and career interest surveys which helps us understand the student.

Step 2: The students build their CVs using an auto CV Builder

Step 3: Using the data from the Steps 1 & 2, our Recommendation Engine suggests the best Career Tracks for them.

Step 4: Following this, the students arm themselves with foundation skills through industry-oriented exploratory courses which follow a flip class model. We have 50+ industry related exploratory courses*, spanning across domains that are related to software technology, electronics, mechanical, civil, management, creative and interdisciplinary.

Step 5: The students get access to aptitude and soft skill modules for placement preparation.

*Students get exploratory courses and need to upgrade for full course access

Price : ₹ 14,999.